TarotCon 2016

TarotCon 2016 *did* happen this year, even though Hurricane Matthew threatened to dampen the festivities. The convention was officially cancelled, but attendees still came, albeit in reduced numbers. Lisa set up shop Saturday and Sunday and had a wonderful time meeting with those intrepid souls fortunate enough to make it. Thankfully Palm Beach Gardens was spared Michael’s full wrath, but as we know, many near the coast to the north didn’t fare so well.

Lisa is back to working filling all the pre-orders for her special edition signed Fairy Tale Lenormand kits. If you ordered package #1 or #2, please be patient as they are being filled in the sequence the orders were placed. If you have questions regarding when you might expect to see your copy, feel free to message Lisa via the Contact page or Facebook. Rest assured that she is on the job!