Lisa holds the copyright to much of the work she’s created over the course of her career. If you see an image in her decks, books, or galleries that you would like to use, you may be able to license it. Licensing fees start at $50.

Licensing Options

Electronic Use: Websites and Blogs

  • Electronic Documents and Reports
  • Multimedia Presentation (Powerpoint, Flash, etc)
  • Online Advertising and Promotional Materials
  • Offline Advertising and Promotional Materials (in magazines, newspaper, billboards, point of sale materials etc);10,000 copies
  • Screen Saver (corporate or personal use only)
  • Printed Documents (mailers, letterheads, leaflets, etc) 10,000 copies
  • Corporate and Advertisement Videos (TV or Online)

Editorial Use: Print Publications

  • Editorial (magazines, articles & content) 500,000 copies
  • Editorial (newspapers) 500,000 copies
  • Editorial (Textbooks, books & eBooks, for sale / distribution) 500,000 copies
  • Editorial (Printed / Online / Multimedia based Educational materials & companion CDs) 500,000 copies
  • Editorial (Book covers, front and back per individual image)


You will be required to include this notice: (title of artwork) © (current year) by Lisa Hunt. All rights reserved.

Art Integrity

Lisa’s artwork may not be altered, written upon, marred or enhanced digitally or otherwise without explicit permission.


Unauthorized reproduction of Lisa’s images, text or designs, electronically or otherwise, is strictly forbidden and prosecutable by law.