Fairy Tale Lenormand Kit Special – Package #1



Lisa’s newest deck, the Fairy Tale Lenormand, was released August 31, 2016.

The #1 package offer included the signed deck with a unique 5×7″ pencil sketch directly from Lisa.


About the Deck

The Fairy Tale Lenormand was inspired by classic stories that have enchanted children and adults alike for centuries. The 36 colorful cards depict a wide range of characters and situations, making this the ideal deck for Lenormand readers and storytellers alike.

The Fairy Tale Lenormand will come with an illustrated guidebook by author Arwen Lynch.

What’s Included?

The signed collectible copy, available exclusively from Lisa Hunt herself, will include:

  • a full deck in its tin, signed and personalized by creator Lisa Hunt
  • a signed card from the deck
  • a signed companion book
  • a 4″x6″ promotional art postcard of the House card
  • a 5″x7″ pencil sketch
  • beautifully packaged with Lisa’s unique fairy tale touches


Your order will ship in the sequence it was received. Each kit is personalized by Lisa and packaged lovingly. We know you are anxious to receive your order but please allow some time for Lisa to fill the many she has received. Thank you.

Make Your Copy Even More Collectible!

  • Original companion drawing . Lisa will create a unique 8×10 pencil illustration to compliment the theme of your deck. The illustration will be shipped in a protective sleeve, with a certificate of authenticity.
  • An original watercolor painting. Lisa will create a unique 8″×10″ watercolor painting to compliment the theme of your deck. The illustration will be shipped in a protective sleeve, with a certificate of authenticity.

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