Fairy Tale Tarot Deck — Signed by the Artist


Out of Print and Extremely Rare!

Most collectors have given up hope of ever finding a copy of Lisa’s enchanting Fairy Tale Tarot. Luckily, Lisa herself managed to find a scarce few copies in her office and only has a few precious pristine copies left.

On Amazon.com, used copies are currently in the $500 price range. Now you can purchase your copy directly from Lisa Hunt, for much less, and you can have it signed by the artist! Lisa will autograph the box, the accompanying guidebook, and at your request, the card of your choice. It also come with a certificate of authenticity.

About the Deck

Your happily ever after awaits . . . Transport yourself to a faraway land of enchantment—a magical world where wondrous fantasies abound and anything is possible. Created by internationally renowned tarot artist Lisa Hunt, this unique tarot deck brings to life our most beloved fairy tales from around the world.

See the cunning Puss in Boots as the Mentor (High Priest), Little Red Riding Hood as the Fool, and the Fairy Godmother as the Empress. Built within the Rider-Waite tradition, The Fairy Tale Tarot invites you to call upon your imagination and find your own adventures.

  • Charming and evocative artwork in the tarot card deck and book vividly portrays each fairy tale
  • Delightful retellings of the stories and an explanatory discussion of the symbolism
  • Suggested tarot card spreads and layouts for divination

What’s Included?

The signed collectible copy, available exclusively from Lisa Hunt herself, includes:

  • a full deck in its original box, signed and personalized by creator Lisa Hunt
  • a signed card of your choice
  • a signed instruction guidebook
  • a certificate of authenticity

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Domestic sales only.

Make Your Copy Even More Collectible!


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