Images from the Soul

“My artwork is about letting go and allowing a confluence of emotion to help paint the picture.”

Layers of Significance

“I am drawn to the complexities of the psyche.”

Ancient Stories

“I have always been fascinated with mythologies and narratives that explore natural phenomenon and the human condition.”

Timeless Themes

“The timeless themes that encompass the stories have been a major influence in my work and how I assimilate the world around me.”

Infinite Beauty

“My paintings are comprised of merging mellifluous layers of creative energy.”

Unseen Glimpses

“ As an artist, it is my intent to open the thin veils between humans and animals, consciousness and unconsciousness, the physical and the spirit and to provide a glimpse of the fragile nature of it all.”

“I make art that dissolves the boundaries between this world and the next. I create drawings inspired by spirit, and paintings that capture the beauty of the soul.”

Tarot Decks

Images per Deck

Full-Size Tarot Paintings

Tarot Decks

Lisa has created six award-winning tarot decks: Animals Divine, Celtic Dragons, the Fairy Tale Tarot, Fantastical Creatures, Ghosts and Spirits, and the Shapeshifter Tarot. Her decks are sold in bookstores around the world. 

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Oracle Decks

Lisa recently published her first oracle deck, The Winged Enchantment Oracle. She’s currently finishing a second, the Fairy Tale Lenormand. It will be released in 2016.

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Original Artwork

Many of Lisa’s original paintings and drawings are available for sale. She also accepts requests for custom artwork, portraits, soul drawings, and companion pieces.

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What Is a Soul Drawing?

What is a soul drawing? This mesmerizing time-lapse video reveals award-winning illustrator Lisa Hunt’s art process as she creates a soul drawing.

Videos and Slide Shows

Enjoy a closer look at the moving power of Lisa’s imagery.

Custom Portraits

Have you ever wanted to see yourself as a mermaid, a shapeshifting eagle, or a tree nymph? If you can imagine it, Lisa can draw it.


Logos, Branding, and Business Identity

Grow your business with gorgeous, hand-drawn logos, labels, and branding. Lisa is one of the few artists who still creates logos by hand. You won’t fine any computer-generated icons or clip-art logos in her portfolio. Each one of Lisa’s designs is a custom work of art.

For her business clients, Lisa also works in close collaboration with her husband Kort Kramer — a professional art director, graphic designer, and marketing expert.